Kontent Partners tasked Mode Adjust with creating 3D action shots of new Acer laptops for a cross-promotional campaign between Star Trek: Into Darkness and Acer computers. Mode Adjust’s Russell Hirtzel led the small in-house team in creating all Acer device shots throughout the spots, as well as the Acer and Star Trek end tags. Mode Adjust handled everything from modeling, animation, texturing/shading, lighting, rendering and compositing; with concept development, creative direction, editing and producing handled by Kontent Partners. Check out the Mode Adjust Breakdown video below.
Produced by Kontent Partners
Agency: Radarworks
Studio: Mode Adjust
Creative Director: Craig Brooks
Producer: Carrine Fisher
Editors: Nick Pezzillo and Andrew Franks
Concept Development: Steven Edwon
3D Director: Russell Hirtzel
Designers: McKay Marshall and Jamal Qutub