Mode Adjust and Kaicon were approached with a fun challenge: help rebrand Freal through a series of quirky, campy vignettes that would play on Freal blenders across the country. We jumped at the opportunity and quickly got working on some off-the-wall story ideas. With each pitch the story lines got refined. Unfortunately some ideas were lost alone the way: like a cowboy/commando busting through a window and doing battle with a wanted strawberry, or a nervous boy on a first date with cookies and cream. Other concepts stuck, and even morphed along the way: like a wizard losing at a video game and turning his opponent into a Freal smoothy, or a seemingly innocent country girl playfully picking fruit and stabbing a straw into it. All in all we came up with a lot of fun ideas. Whether they made the final cut or not, we wanted to share the fun with the rest of the world!

Don’t hassle the Hoff when he has a f’real milkshake in his hand! See the f’real blender with our content in action starting at 3:10 in the video below.