Hey, remember tag? Sure you do. Nike asked us to conceive, direct and produce two unique short animations for their new Nike+ GPS App and the game “TAG.” We had a blast. So grab your iPhone and get running. Just remember—don’t be IT.
Client: Nike Running
Production/Agency: Nike Brand Design Media
Studio: Mode Adjust
Creative Director: Marshall Bex
Director: Robbie Johnstone
Executive Producer: Jesse Canright
Producer: Noah Stanik
Animators: Marshall Bex, Robbie Johnstone, Carlos Maya
Compositors: Marshall Bex, Robbie Johnstone
Characters by: Robbie Johnstone
Cel Animators: Temris Ridge, Andrew Dieffenbach
Writers: Robbie Johnstone, Marshall Bex, Noah Stanik, Chris Kinsella
Cel Colorist: Athena Wollin
Voice Talent: Tom Kane
Sound Design: Lance Limbocker