Samsung Ryder Cup VR experience

We created a 360 golf experience at the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine International Golf Course to highlight Samsung’s Gear VR headset, giving fans a chance to experience teeing off at one of the most iconic par 3’s in the country. Our custom built 360 camera captured the pristine fairways at Hazeltine National Golf Club, resulting in a virtual reality merge of live action 360 captured video and 3D generated graphics.


Golden hour, Tee, Fly, Putt



Day for night tee, Fly, Putt

Shot 1

Experience starts in a room
with a curved TV.

Shot 1

User flies through the screen
and onto the tee.

Shot 2

User stands at tee, receiving
guidance for their caddy.

Shot 3

360 camera follows the flight of the ball right before it lands.

Shot 4

360 angle of the green shows the ball landing, and multiple alt ball landings.

Shot 5

User returns to start room.